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2016 Legislative Tracker
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Rep. John Westwood, R-Cedar City, is sponsoring HB 173 Payroll Deduction for Union Dues during the 2016 legislative session.

2016 Legislative Tracker

2016 Legislative Tracker

The following is a list of bills UPEA is tracking for the upcoming legislative session.

Click here to view UPEA's 2016 Legislative Session Tracker

New Law Enforcement Critical Incident Coverage

New Law Enforcement Critical Incident Coverage

UPEA is pleased to announce an expansion of its services to provide legal coverage for UPEA members who are Peace Officers when a Critical Incident occurs in the line of duty.

Nominate an Employee for the Public Employee Salute

Nominate an Employee for the Public Employee Salute

It is easy to nominate an employee for the Public Employee Salute. Watch what happens when you do. Click Here to Nominate a Public Employee

Proposal Would Enhance Tier II Retirement Benefits

Rep. Rich Cunningham, R-Salt Lake City, recently introduced House Bill 205 Tier II Retirement Amendments to enhance the Tier II retirement benefit for both the hybrid pension and 401 (k)-only plans.

HB 268, Attorney General Employment Amendments

Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, is sponsoring a bill that would exempt attorneys working for the Utah Attorney General’s Office from the career service system effective May 16.

Executive Appropriations Committee to Vote on USOR’s Fate

The Utah State Office of Rehabilitation Services (USOR) would become part of the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) under a proposal before the Legislature’s Executive Appropriations Committee.

The proposal is one of several considered after a September 2015 legislative audit identified mismanagement of the USOR budget and recommended moving USOR from Utah State Board of Education oversight.

Update on Phased Retirement Proposal

UPEA is lobbying in favor of a bill that would create a phased retirement program for state employees.

Senate Bill 19, Phased Retirement, sponsored by Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, would permit a participating state agency to allow retirees to return to work part time. Because a retiree would only work part time (20 hours a week), he or she would only receive 50 percent of his or her retirement benefit.

UPEA Successfully Lobbies Against HB 173, Payroll Deduction for Union Dues

Cedar City Republican John Westwood has decided not to pursue a bill after hearing concerns raised by UPEA.

House Bill 173, Payroll Deduction for Union Dues, would have allowed a public employer, such as the state, city, or county, to prevent a labor organization from collecting dues from its members by payroll deduction.

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