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May-June 2015 Newsletter
Critical Incident Coverage
Public Employee Salute
The Public Employee Newsletter Available

The Public Employee Newsletter Available

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New Law Enforcement Critical Incident Coverage

New Law Enforcement Critical Incident Coverage

UPEA is pleased to announce an expansion of its services to provide legal coverage for UPEA members who are Peace Officers when a Critical Incident occurs in the line of duty.

Nominate an Employee for the Public Employee Salute

Nominate an Employee for the Public Employee Salute

It is easy to nominate an employee for the Public Employee Salute. Watch what happens when you do. Click Here to Nominate a Public Employee

A Message from UPEA President Janeen Steer: District Meetings are Vital to Member Retention and Recruitment

As public employees and UPEA members, we appreciate the value of good communication and know it is a two-way street. The UPEA State Board and staff communicate public employee issues to your District Advisory Council members for distribution to the district officers and members. Conversely, members should communicate issues to the district officers who can route the information up to the officers and the State Board.

Employee Morale Improves as USOR Imbalance Eases

The Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (USOR) is slowly spending the $6.3 million appropriation that resolved its fiscal year 2015 structural imbalance, Interim Deputy Director Stacy Cummings told the Legislature’s Interim Executive Appropriations Committee in June.

UPEA Standing Committees Recap


The Bylaws Standing Committee will begin meeting in the fall to discuss potential changes to the UPEA bylaws for the 2016-2017 year.

To participate, please contact Chairwoman Elaine Bonham,

General Council

Rules Corner: Turn Performance Plans and Evaluations into a Powerful Motivational Tool

When the time comes each year, some employees dread having to sit down with their supervisors to go over performance evaluations. Employees hope their managers have seen the good work they have accomplished and have given them good marks. It can be helpful if employees who view appraisals with trepidation understand their rights and see the opportunities their appraisals can offer.

URS Explores Phased Retirement as a Way for the State to Retain Valuable Older Employees

Daniel D. Andersen, Utah Retirement Systems (URS) executive director, presented a potential benefit known as “phased retirement” during the Retirement and Independent Entities Interim Committee meeting on June 24.

“Phased retirement is a tool that allows an employee to continue working at a reduced level while drawing a partial salary and a partial retirement benefit,” Andersen explained. He added that this new concept must be approached carefully in order to avoid unintended administrative and financial problems.

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