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Critical Incident Coverage
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UPEA Cordially Invites You

UPEA Cordially Invites You

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The Public Employee Newsletter Available

The Public Employee Newsletter Available

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New Law Enforcement Critical Incident Coverage

New Law Enforcement Critical Incident Coverage

UPEA is pleased to announce an expansion of its services to provide legal coverage for UPEA members who are Peace Officers when a Critical Incident occurs in the line of duty.

Nominate an Employee for the Public Employee Salute

Nominate an Employee for the Public Employee Salute

It is easy to nominate an employee for the Public Employee Salute. Watch what happens when you do. Click Here to Nominate a Public Employee

Post-retirement Employment Restrictions Proposals

The Retirement and Independent Entities Interim Committee met on November 10, 2015, to recommend post-retirement legislation for the 2016 Legislative Session. The legislation, which was forwarded from the Retirement Working Group, will reduce the amount of time for a retired employee who returns to work with a Utah Retirement System entity, without a penalty. The four options that were presented before the committee included:

Post-retirement Employment Restrictions (the 60-day only separation for all)

Proposal Would Offer College Credit for POST Certification

By Christy Cushing and Kamarie Nicdao

Proposed legislation would require Utah’s higher education institutions to offer 18 hours of transferable college credit to individuals who complete Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification.

Sen. Karen Mayne, D-West Valley City, presented the bill to the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee on Oct. 21.

New Healthy Workplace Law Expected to Increase Abusive Conduct Complaints

By Christy Cushing

The Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee met Oct. 21 for an update on the training and implementation of House Bill 216 Workplace Abusive Conduct Amendments to Promote a Healthy Workplace. The bill, which was supported by UPEA at the 2015 legislative session, defines abusive conduct and requires the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) to provide training to supervisors and employees on how to prevent abusive workplace conduct.

UPEA's Involvement in Salt Lake County 2016 Budget

On Wednesday October 21, 2015 Christy Cushing and Tom Bielen met with Salt Lake County Deputy Mayor Lori Bays, Administrative Services Director Sarah Brenna and Human Resource Director Mike Ongkiko to discuss Mayor McAdams’ 2016 budget. UPEA spoke out against the Mayor's proposal to eliminate the 3% 401k contribution.

UPEA also sent a letter to all Salt Lake County Council members voicing our opposition and concerns about the Mayor's employee compensation proposal for the 2016 budget on Friday October 23rd.

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